The truth is I don’t know who I am or where I’m going and I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing.  Whether people claim they know or not, the reality is no one really does.  Life is an ever advancing process that we all take part in hoping to find at least a sliver of sense.  This blog captures my many coming of age stories.  The stories that make me who I am and contribute to the conglomeration of atoms I call Zakiya.  Some are deeper than others, but we all have silly moments along with those we wish weren’t happening while they were, and after are grateful for.  I am not preparing myself in college in order to go out into “the real world,” I am already there.  Granted there is a lot more growing to do.  Saying that where I am is not in the real world invalidates millennials experiences making them disregard the importance of this time in their lives.  This time in my life is important and my peers are in dire need of acknowledging it.  With these thoughts in mind I am encouraged to contribute to my community in anyway I can.  With this ideology I am forced to raise the capacities within myself to do better.  When this happens you get a college kid who doesn’t enjoy the prolonged childhood western culture has tried to force them into.  You get a girl like me who constantly strives to do her best. For all those millennials out there, do not think that you can mess around.  “This aint no playground.” and for those older folks, do not say we have not seen the world, because you haven’t either.  We have all just seen portions.  The more we see, the more we are effected.  So show us what you have seen.  Tell us what you have learned.  Contribute to raising a more intelligent and loving generation.  That is your job.   I am experiencing the world you are enveloped in right this very second at the same moments as you.  Since you’ve been here longer, show me how it has been done so I can not do it the same way, but learn from it and adapt the things from it that are most effective.  The world does not progress by doing the same thing over and over.  So accept change and know you have helped in making it.


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