Day 7: Seeing Within the Minds of Others

Here is a compilation of blog posts form this past week that I find inspirational! This challenge has been so encouraging.  I have found myself better at blogging if I am doing it for others, but also a release comes when I do it for myself.  Enjoy!


I have been sifting through this blog lately and feel connected to this poet.  She is 57 so I find myself learning about life through a different lens. The kind of guidance a 19 year old girl needs I guess.  Thank you writersdream9 for being vulnerable and showing me different parts of  yourself through your words.


This Stranger Hastening

This post made me feel a little less alone.


Cora Hayes (Illustrator)

I do not have a child, but Cora does! I have known her since I was a child at Louhelen Bahai School (she may not have known me). I love the medium she uses for her art.  She also seems to give some solid parenting advice. 🙂


A Calm Storm
LOVE her Bahai House of Worship architect posts.


Creating Reciprocity

I am a Baha’i but I still hate group projects. This blog makes it a little easier. 😉


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